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OOPSIE* Bricklayer Vivid 20x10 Ultra Cloth

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Brown Brick and Stone Backdrop for Photography *Flawed - printed 3 inches short

    Bricklayer Vivid 5X8 Ultracloth ( 60 X 96 Inch ) Backdrop
    Bricklayer Vivid 8X5 Ultracloth ( 96 X 60 Inch ) Backdrop
    Bricklayer Vivid 10X10 Ultracloth ( 120 X Inch ) Backdrop
    Bricklayer Vivid 10X16 Ultracloth ( 120 X 192 Inch ) Backdrop
    Bricklayer Vivid 16X10 Ultracloth ( 192 X 120 Inch ) Backdrop
    Bricklayer Vivid 8X12 Ultracloth ( 96 X 144 Inch ) Backdrop
    Bricklayer Vivid 12X8 Ultracloth ( 144 X 96 Inch ) Backdrop
    Bricklayer Vivid 8X14 Ultracloth ( 96 X 168 Inch ) Backdrop
    Bricklayer Vivid 14X9 Ultracloth ( 168 X 108 Inch ) Backdrop
    Bricklayer Vivid 10X12 Ultracloth ( 120 X 144 Inch ) Backdrop
    Bricklayer Vivid 5X5 Rubbermat Floor ( 60 X Inch ) Backdrop

    Backdrop Materials: Ultra Cloth Vs. Fleece

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does it take to print my backdrop?

    Our backdrops are printed on demand with a projected 5-day turn time.

    What does shipping cost?

    For backdrops, the cost of shipping will be calculated at checkout.

    For Rubber Mat Floors, there is a $65 flat fee for ground shipping in the continental United States.

    If you are international, the cost of shipping will be calculated at checkout.

    What material should I pick?

    Fleece material is the latest addition to BackgroundTown. This luxurious material is less reflective, wrinkle-resistant, vibrant, made to last, and marked at unbeatable prices! Fleece backdrops are machine washable and dryer safe but do not come with a pole pocket. Due to the nature of fleece some minor imperfections may occur that will not affect the final image.

    UltraCloth is wrinkle-resistant, non-glare, super soft, extra expandable and durable. The result is an amazing background that creates an extremely realistic environment. All UltraCloth photography backdrops come with pole pockets, are machine washable and dryer safe.

    Pole Pockets (UltraCloth Only) are sewn into the top of the backdrop or the width. Width is listed first so if it is an 8x12 it is sewn into the 8 ft. side, 6x8 sewn into the 6 ft, etc.

    Small variances may occur due to hemming, cutting, rod pockets and other finishing work on the fabric.

    Rubber Mat Flooring is a durable felt-topped rubber backed floor available in 4'x5', 5'x5', 5'x7', 8'x8' and 8'x10'. Easily roll out for your shoots and roll back up for storage. Please note this product is not recommended with those with Latex sensitivities.


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